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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


Cantonese Cuisine

Whether it is a romantic evening for two or a large family gathering, our chic yet inviting décor and table arrangements can accommodate parties large and small in our two-storey restaurant, as well as in our private dining areas. Join us for cocktails, conversation and Cantonese cuisine on our 80-seat outdoor patio.
Our mission is to make your visit magical. Our hope is that our palace will soon become your second home!








Fresh Seafood is our Specialty

No one knows or loves seafood like we do—it’s our specialty at Moon Palace.

Our owner is a seafood expert with over 15 years of experience working in the business. Sometimes we even call him “Captain” to honour his love of seafood!

We are the direct source of the freshest and finest seafood from the East Coast. This allows us to provide our guests with  the freshest “Ocean to Table” culinary experiences!

Under the direction of our Executive Chef, who has over 30 years of working at top Cantonese fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong and Toronto, our culinary team specialize in the preparation of authentic Cantonese cuisine. This includes mastering the art of how to prepare and cook fresh seafood to showcase the best the sea has to offer.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum, a Valued Tradition in Cantonese Culture 

At Moon Palace, we are proud to continue the time-honoured tradition of presenting Dim Sum.  Your favourite newspaper (or electronic device), a cup of tea and a variety of Dim Sum dishes makes the perfect brunch in the Guangdong Province, or right here at home in Toronto. Preparing Dim Sum takes time, patience, skill and passion. Our Dim Sum team possess all these qualities, along with over 30 years experience of Dim Sum preparation plus a deep understanding of Cantonese culture. From authentic favourites like our signature Steamed Dumplings to exciting new dishes, our Dim Sum team is helping to create a new generation of Dim Sum lovers in Toronto.

Hot Wok

Our Hot Wok Dishes are ‘Hot Stuff!’  

Throwing a few ingredients into a wok may look easy but looks can be deceiving! Our Hot Wok dishes traditionally involve many complicated procedures. You need to achieve just the right temperature, have the right timing as to when to add certain ingredients, and use the right combination of ingredients to create the perfect dish. Our skilled Hot Wok culinary team know how to combine these elements and make the magic happen. An example of this is our Typhoon Lobster, which is one of our most popular dishes on the menu. We source only the finest and freshest lobster from the East Coast and prepare the dish using our secret recipe and methods to highlight the taste of fresh lobster. Try it once and you will be talking about the delicious Typhoon Lobster Hot Wok for days!


A Special Gathering Place for One and All  

Moon Palace symbolizes peace, prosperity and family reunion, and we designed our ‘palace’ to be your special gathering place to meet with family, friends and business colleagues to enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine.

We arranged our beautiful two-storey restaurant to accommodate various sized tables for parties large or small. From romantic tables for two, to family gatherings of 10 or large table arrangements for special events, we can accommodate parties of almost any size. Our expansive separate dining areas offer privacy in an elegant setting for social or corporate functions. Guests can also enjoy the weather on our 80-seat outdoor patio, open seasonally.

Our team looks forward to warmly welcoming you to Moon Palace. Our mission is to treat our guests like family, making you feel welcome and appreciated. Our goal is to ‘wow’ you with our delicious, authentic Cantonese cuisine so you will return again and again. Our hope is that our ‘palace’ will soon become your second home!

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